Wednesday, November 3, 2021

A transformation. A dream. And a Sunday Chitchat

No butterfly is born without a metamorphosis. Dreams needs a starting point and any Sunday is suitable for a social tour in the setting sun.
That said, there's no need to dwell on the reason why. We can as well leave out if it's reasonable or not. Let's just say that this Sunday represent a start. A New Beginning for an old Norwegian Ford chassis and the first trembling steps of  a new roadster from past and a potential home for an Ardun engine.
Let's recap first. I happened to built a Ardun V8 engine. It took years of my life, but now it's running just fine. But this engine needs a car. It deserves a vehicle type that would serve the engine characteristic properly. A race car, roadster or a sports car. But there's no such thing available. So I guess we need to build one.
Nothing starts however from zero. There's always a history, a coincidence and a possibility.

This Sunday our journey towards a Nordic special started when buying a Ford 1946 chassis...

All you need. A RAM Truck, a borrowed trailer and a happy team.
That special feeling. Sunshine and a journey that leads to a new project.
At journey like these, expectations are growing with every kilometer/mile.
Roger, the happy hot rodder that sold the 1946 Ford which will serve as a basis for a Ardun equipped roadster.
The object that's waiting for the Metamorphosis 
This Ford -46 is not a slick roadster in real life yet. But as a enthusiast, I can already now sense a roadster feeling.
Trips like this needs to be efficient. No time to waste. Hence, there's always a McDonald's moment.
To most people pictures like this doesn't mean anything. For those (like me) who are thinking about frames, front end and engine position this is an inspiring document.

But how will the final result look like? Well, if you're not familiar with rather rough home made race and sports cars from the 40-ties and 50-ties, you'll find some examples below. Some are based on 1946-49 Ford others are not, but that doesn't matter. It's the combination of cigar shape, one wheel in each corner and a roaring engine that's cool. Limited comfort, maximum excitement.
Inspiration from 7 Fifteen Motorworks.  
A 1959 Troy Special roadster...
... and a Nordic Special racer. Cars like this were actually very successful in professional racing at the time.
The idea to take production car like a Ford 46 with V8, tune the engine, shorten the wheel base and replace the original body with a home made simple race body started already in the late forties in US. Pictured is the Baldwin Special 2. You can read more about the Baldwin Specials at

It was nevertheless a really relaxed and fun Sunday full of inspiration. When the old Ford will join the Ardun V8 engine to complete the metamorphosis is at this point in time unclear. But again, how difficult can it be? 

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