Sunday, November 7, 2021

Storage space - An eternal issue

It's a question that relates to personality. It's as well strongly related to online shopping and no matter if you like it or not, it's an essential part of any kind of project, since parts needs space.

Hoarding. The other bookend of this topic. When a healthy nice-to-have-soul and collector mind has gone ballistic. Way beyond reasonable and practical limits.

Philosophically it's like an expanding Universe. Give a car guy a free indoor volume and he or she will fill it up. If more volume is provided, more stuff will find it its way to it. There will be happiness as the free space vanish, followed by remorse. It's inevitable.

It's the same with turbos and superchargers on our Salt Slush shelves; the more we have available for immediate delivery the more customers and turnover. All around us, we can see how mountains and hills are filling up valleys as logistic centers are blooming and changing the landscape like invasive plants.

And Salt Slush have learned the lesson. We're are trying to keep a stock of BorgWarner AirWerk & EFR turbos steady. Which is good. But privately we're are digging for storage space like others are mining Bitcoin.


Storage as art. A 1941 Cadillac in a Container. In a stainless container.


Another batch of AirWerks and EFR turbos on its way to the Salt Slush Shelves.

Common ground or tug of war? There's no jury. 
But when a group of car guys with latent hoarding attitude rent a common space and loosely discuss will not stay empty for long.  
 In essence, all you need is...unlimited space. 
Then love will follow.

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