Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas and n+1

We all crave for more. Especially during Christmas. A well established fact in the car guy community is that the correct amount of cars is n +1. Where n is the number of cars you have today. This formula can be used for motorbikes too. It's very generic. 

Part like turbos, superchargers, cylinder heads, blocks, camshafts are nice to have at hand when a new project idea pops up. Besides, we all know that spare parts on the workshop shelves serves as comfort and a basis for a good night sleep.

To use the formula and ensure a proper amount of available parts can of course be an economical issue and time could be a hinder too. But the really serious issue is storage space. 

Some people buy stuff first, then starts to search desperately for a space to store it in. A stressful, but very effective approach. On the opposite, there are those who start the storage search before they buy a new car or a bulky part. A reasonable and logical way forward with one big drawback. There's no urgency and hence no real incentive to find a new garage spot.

All I want for Christmas is a large, dry and warm space of my own, with no rats, close to my home. For a low cost.

What's needed: A space where you can your store your parts the Alan Mest way. Pictured; His Flathead piston storage. There's no shortage. What so ever. Feels good. To know.
Shelves filled with nice to have parts. Deep in your heart you know that you need them all soon. If your so called intellect have another opinion, ignore it.
Next topic; floor space. A floor should be filled with cool cars. Or Bikes. Motorbikes. Stuff that is near to your heart. Once again Alan's place serves as a good example.

Outdoor storage. If you live in Sweden, Alaska or any other hardship areas, you know that stuff that is sitting outside will have a very limited lifetime. But if you on the opposite live in dry, warm area like California you can store stuff outside for years and expect a slow degradation. But still, the place for your sleeping ride needs to be clean from palm tree debris. Cina's pushing the broom to support a palm free surface for our Salt Slush bigblock Suburban.
 Grey on a surface of grey. Cleaned, waxed under a grey cover. Will it withstand Ventura, California until April? We hope so.
It's cold and dark outside. It has not been started for 18 years. But when a true war hero like a Dodge Weapon Carrier from 1942 needs to move from one barn to another, you have to gather the usual suspects to make it happen.
Again, it's all about the storage.
In addition 
 a workshop space, where you can work with the project of the day, is needed too. Salt Slush team are lucky to have just that.

The moral of this story is...that storage space makes people happy

Have a Merry Christmas and dream sweet dreams about dry, safe, cheap storage spaces.

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