Sunday, January 16, 2022

Stay Safe at time goes by.

Better safe than sorry. Stay safe. Safety first. Safe travel. You've heard it all before. Several times and ignored it.

But when you're at Bonneville Speed Week safety feels more relevant than ever. However safety gear has a best before date which means that safety belts, helmet and fire extinguisher needs to be updated continuously even though the car has been sitting in a tempered garage under cover. 

You notice bitterly that the extinguisher has the same weight as when new and the safety straps looks like they did when delivered from the factory. You swear over the hassle to take care of (and remember) all these updates remotely from the a cold corner on the other side of the world (Sweden). But you know that if this stuff is not race.

So let's stop whining. When it's all updated I must admit that it feels good. Feels safe.

Helmets are expensive and should be changed too. Luckily not yet. We're good for 2022

Safety belts best before date was November 2019...

...hence Carina and I had to get the old once out and order new identical straps from Simsons. A couple of weeks later Simsons delivered to specification to Erik and we'll assemble these when we're back in California to test drive the Amazon at El Mirage in late April.

 Other than that we're good to go. Oh, I forgot The extinguishers need to be checked and updated too...


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