Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday, Sunday.

Sunday. A day of recovery from daytime work or hangover. When the hours after a long breakfast just disappear until the sun goes down. Perhaps take a walk in the park? Stroll to that cozy café? 

As always, there's an alternative. The Salt Slush way. Which means talk loud, make noise and do deeds until bed awaits. A way to get shit done, have fun with friends and relax while being busy. 

This Sunday was no exception. A solid post breakfast Semla Fika were followed by an energetic, noisy and enthusiastic work shift.

 Kalle made progress with his Vespa. At this point it might be worth to mention that safety glasses is a good thing to have when angle grinding. In addition, a white T-Shirt is not necessarily the best choice for a weekend workshop warrior. 

The work table located in no mans land in the Salt Slush workshop was too busy...and hence Cina had to look for a new calm place....

...while a crazy activity surrounded the belly up wasp continued
In the beginning God created Swedish climate, moister and rust. 
Then God said;
-Let there be angle grinders.
-Let there be MIG welders. 
   -Let there be those who weld.
Like Moses, Petter-The-Professor will weld Amazon's for 40 years. 
This Sunday was no exception.
Will he find the promised land? Where Amazons are sniffing low at significant speed over the salt? In the desert. Nobody knows.
Finally, Cina found a spot of her own, where she could work with the heater channel for her -49 Oldsmobile.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, technical dreams were exposed. 
The Salt Slush Way: When Sunday approach Monday, the mind should be free, project should have reached further even if the body might be a bit too tired. 

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