Sunday, February 20, 2022

Peace, Hot Rodding and Understanding

Will hard rain fall? Will there be a war? As cold clouds gather in the east we celebrate freedom and clear western skies. We're staying tuned and keeping our minds cool with activities, dreams and hope. Because dreams and passion keeps you sane while the world seems to be set on repeat, as good and evil is in a power struggle.

The Salt Slush way forward is to keep business open 24/7, because the race is on again. Here's what; Gatebil will happen 2022 and there will be Aftertrack parties too. Time Attack has endured the pandemic and now there's a race schedule with audience planned. Besides, Salt Slush will go to the US of A to race at Bonneville Speed Week again!

But right now we're in waiting-for-spring-mode. In active waiting. Because we know that when sun rays at our latitude finally are ready to warm us, our rides and the asphalt...we want to be ready too. 

Magnus avoid the void through a solid flow of car parts driven by dreams
The West: Bob's Big Boy Burgers under a clear open sky in California. Love it.
More of the same. Western freedom outside Autobooks & Aerobooks Store in December 2021.

The result of elbow grease and contemplation...a clean, sealed and painted transmission. In LaSalle Green. An early man 4-speed Hydramatic automatic transmission. Yes it's from 1949...shifting gears before few of us were born.
Carina in progress phase. Contemplating.
Meanwhile in another part of the Salt Slush workshop, Anders cast cup cakes in aluminum. What's the next step? Will he provide pistons to us all or will he loose his foam? Nobody knows.
Keep sane in the cold rain
Freedom is not for free
Sun will come back.

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