Sunday, February 13, 2022

Precious Metal

Let's first of all state that Smeagol is not a role model. We don't want to end up like him. We need to fence off severe addiction that magic powerful metal in any form might bring. But at this point we need to make a distinction. 
Metal that has been formed in to an object of passion represent category one. Here I'm thinking about hard-to-get vintage car or bike parts or low volume speed parts. The search, the waiting and the saving period required for this type can make a strong man weak for a while. But when that kind of stuff arrives, there's euphoria even in February. 

We need however to keep in mind that there's a potentially dangerous addiction lurking at eBay and Web shops too.
Next type of precious metal represent more of a Midas moment. When ambition is too strong, not even magic thinking will help. Rethinking might be needed to avoid disaster.
Precious metal type one according to definition above. When it arrives after a couple of years of eBay searching there's relief and true happiness all around. Yes, it's an upper grille bar for a 1949-1951 Oldsmobile.
Another type one example; a significant piece of metal that is very precious for the group of people that spend a couple of years building this racer. Yes it's our metal speed machine.
 Third and last example of precious metal type one. High precision parts that forms a AirWerks or EFR turbo or a Magnuson supercharger of significant size. Precious for those in need for speed and smoking tires.
Precious metal type two, representing the Midas moment. The dream of electrification expansion of any kind in any device based on Lithium might need rethinking as price per tonne is on a rocket ride.
Did I hear the word sustainability echo from the mine hole?


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