Sunday, March 6, 2022

Get it Fore it's Gone

The War in Europe is pounding our brains.We follow news that flows like a violent river through our minds. We're full of wrath while practically paralyzed. We need  clear mind activities and think of good things that happened and still happens.

So, how do we find peace of mind? Here's how.

Cina and I took our 1941 Buick Super Coupe for a spin in the cold early spring. Felt good. Until I started to think about Pearl Harbor 1941 when Japan without and obvious reason attacked US. 
But still, the straight 8 still sang a song of hope.
Meet up with friends and do deeds. A way to sooth the soul. 
Pictured; Magnus during manifold modification.
Remember sunny days. Summer is coming up again. Sooner or later and there will be new days to remember. 
Pictured; Kjelle Power and Salt Slush Kalle.
Celebrate what has been accomplished. Still love to look at that interior.
 We're working on making dreams come true. 
The pandemic stopped us for years, but we're working on getting back on track step by step. It's soon time for a shake down test drive in the El Mirage desert. Will be exiting to see how that goes.
Business as usual. When providing turbos and superchargers, you get to know nice car guys with dreams, schemes and ambition. It's really rewarding to take part of all the creativity that is out there. Makes me happy.

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