Sunday, March 13, 2022

Advanced Hot Rodding 2022 - An Anglo-German celebration

Serious conflicts are all around us. We're drowning in a flow of information about the bloody conflict between good and evil in Ukraine. But let us distract our minds between news updates and celebrate the strength of the west. I'm here thinking about competitiveness, creativity and technology.

Here's what; Should you go for Mercedes or BMW? Turbo or Supercharger? American or European?

According to Magnus @ Salt Slush, we don't need to choose, because we can have it all. At this point you might ask yourself; How? What is he talking about? Before we go into details, it's important to point out that hot rods and hot rodding, in the past and in the future are all about creativity and freedom. Doesn't happen in north Korea.

Now, to the point.

What the f...did OM605, i.e the Mercedes turbocharged 2,5L 5 cylinder diesel come with a supercharger?
Nope. But Supercharger + Turbocharger made by Magnus will provide towering torque a low rpm and make transient smoke go away. 
American Supercharger from Eaton combined with a diesel engine from Daimler is a good combo when you're prepared to do deeds.
The Salt Slush team have built Supercharged LS engines as well as Rocket, Ardun, Nailhead, Hemi, Flatheads, Straight 8's, Four banger and obviously Small & Big blocks and we've done Mercedes M116 and M117 too. Not to mention our 900hp turbocharged Volvo 6 cylinder engine...but pictured is the new hot rod kid on the block. The Mercedes OM605.
Still missing: The BorgWarner AriWerks S200SX-E turbo from US that soon will   replace the slow stock stuff.
But hold on... what's this? Isn't that a BMW ZF 6 Speed transmission on the Mercedes engine? Yes it is. It's the best of the west...Germany. A super strong BMW transmission and a robust fast burning Mercedes diesel engine from European junk yards merged together with heat, love and precision. 
But where will this 500hp power pack end up? Well...Magnus is preparing a kind of Chevy S10 based Baja Diesel Truck contraption. 
What's a Baja Truck? Here's an educational video clip.

Summary: It's still possible to dig gold at the junk yard. Boost pressure, Creativity and Determination will make it go fast. In the past, today and in the future.

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