Sunday, April 3, 2022

You can't be serious...

Some of us can be serious most of the time, while some others can be serious sometimes. But we all need to be unserious some of the time. You work hard at your daytime work while you trying your best to work on your private projects and keep your family and friends happy too.

If you're about to hit a race track any day soon, you know that it will require focus in addition to all of the above. Pressure is building up inside.

What to do? 

My advice is to let things go and let that inner kid come out and play. How? When? Where? No rules applies. Just take the opportunity when it's given to you. During a transmission change in the workshop or at a costume party. It's up to you.


When you're at a party where grown-ups looks like this and there's a smoke machine, take the chance.

If you managed to get out that Muncie transmission and dog approach you, take the chance.

 If you´re serious about life, never forget to play around.



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