Sunday, March 27, 2022


There are signs of spring in south Sweden; The sun is-a-shining. Birds are loud and annoying. The white hard light that makes trolls burst in no time hit the workshop windows like laser rays. But the road is dry and the time is right to optimize cold start. 
Spring is what we're all looking for and warm weather makes us all feel fine. All of us? Nope. The early sunlight brings stress too. Because we all know what's coming up next. Spring and Summer. Race, Shows, Party...and your ride needs to be ready to run.

Everything's cool...but the clock is ticking. 
Salt Slush Saturday Sun. 
Pictured: Magnus and Chicko-The-Dog in waffle battle. Magnus won.
But you cannot dwell in the sun if you're a man with a plan. 
Magnus have plans. A million plans. At least.
 Kalle is in transmission mode too. The Tremec TKO has not arrived to its final destination yet, but the Camaro has reached another level and Kalle is planning to gear up.
 When not serving as Salt Slush CFO, Carina is in engine bay mode..., painting and preparing for the Rocket to reach the Ride. 
It's still cold outside, but spring is coming up and therefore the mechanical puzzle is coming together and yes, a test drive confirmed clutch function.
Lillebil. A Salt Slush fan who have seen more springs than most of us will ever see. Her view is basically that we need to get our shit together soon.
Me? Since the road were dry, I managed to make a 5=5 this week....meaning....a different commuter car each day this week.
Here's what; 
Pre-war Monday = 1941 Buick Super Coupe
Art Deco Tuesday = 1938 Oldsmobile Coupe
Post War Wednesday = 1946 Freedom Ford Coupe
Modern man Thursday = Cadillac CTS
Feel good Friday =1979 Chevy C20
Summary; it's getting colder again. Spring is not here yet. But summer will come this year too and we better get ready.

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