Sunday, May 1, 2022

Salt Slush Vacation...a way to get in shape.

Some sleep. Some drink. Some want excitement. Some other are just socializing softly. Magnus, Carina and I felt that all of the above was appropriate when we relaxed from testing, travelling, shipping and shopping.

But more rewarding than anything else is to meet all, literary, amazing people that we meet when we were not alone with the tumble weed, the wind and our howling Amazon at El Mirage. 

Here's what;


I was in need of a haircut. So I went to a Barber. Found an amazing guy that I'll never will forget. Ever. Yes, he had prepared most of the people attending The Tonight Show. Including John Wayne. 

Carina, Erik Hansson and Magnus sipping beer and wine while waiting for the T-Bone steaks to get ready.

We took the opportunity to visit Maureen Magnuson too. She showed us the Magnuson Supercharger history and heritage with enviable energy. Yes, she has a Corvette C7 as her daily driver. I mean, what to expect from car girl like Maureen. She and Jerry was a true team. 
Another evening, Ruth suggested a hot rod ride. Consequently, Carina and Ruth took the rod for a late night spin.
Next day, Magnus and I drove the famous track nose roadster under the trees. Palm Trees.
No reverse camera, but all the grace and pace you could every wish for. 
Carina and Ruth drove the hot rod along winding road in a beautiful next door valley. Next door valley i SoCal, not in Gothenburg.

A proper vacation should include some shopping too. So we left Magnus at the airport and went to Pomona Swap Meet to look for treasures.
...we will dedicate a separate blog post to the Pomona Swap meet. Let's just conclude that there's a lot of stuff there... 
...and a rolling car show of epic proportions.
Negative: we killed a +700dollar Good Year Eagle Land speed race tire. 
Positive: as a consequence, we got to meet Nate Jones Jr. at Cowboy Tire. A really nice man, who could crank up hard-to-get race tires in no time. Strong too.
At Nate Jones place we met Hot Rod Chavik, who built this immaculate Buick Straight 8 Indy Car Roadster. What a car and what a man!
Classic vacation? Yes, Carina and I spent an evening at Paolo Verdes. Took these vacation photos to remember the occasion.
Me and the lighthouse. I'm here trying to not look for rattle snakes. Because as always, there are snakes in the close a proximity to paradise.   

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