Sunday, May 8, 2022

Billet & Boost. Can you get Too high psi?

Some people have a lot of energy. Others have even more. There are those who need more power. Then there are those how have a need for serious power, way beyond what any OEM can provide. Ever.

Let me explain. If your sporty ride feels slow and sloppy, while you still need a reliable daily driver, Magnuson Supercharger have solutions that does not jeopardizes reliability (or emissions). When installed correctly, you can still take a long Gran Tourismo tour and enjoy speed and durability.

But if you want super serious power and transform your daily track sport car to a hardcore race machine there are plenty of solutions from Toohighpsi.

Toohighpsi? Just a creative team with enthusiasm and energy that most of us can only dream about.  

Let's assume that you have a Corvette C7 and you've bought a Magnuson Supercharger kit, but your DI injectors cannot deliver more fuel and you don't want to modify the hood. Here's how to solve it; a billet (!) supercharger top cover from Toohighppsi and...
...and this Toohighpsi PFI adapter. An additional set of port injectors that will add the extra fuel that is needed to reach +1200hp in your TVS 2650 equipped Corvette or Camaro.
Looks so good!
But what's this? Well, this is what happens when you combine creativity, engineering, CAD/CAM, CNC milling machine, a Eaton TVS 900 with an old MG roadster. Love it.

The moral of this post; Everything gets better with some boost pressure and when you're ready for a Rocket Ride far from what's reasonable, Mike and his team are there to support. 
Salt Slush can support a lucky launch!

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