Sunday, June 12, 2022

Broadcasting & Bonneville. We're preparing!

Why try? Why engage yourself? Why not just relax and calm down?  Could it be because it's fun and keeps you awake? We don't know, but here's what; As we're busy planning for Bonneville Speed Week 2022 and all the associated issues like flights, hotels and technical issues like trying to figure out a new rear shock configuration remotely...we got the brilliant idea do some broadcasting too. Oh I forgot, we're providing turbos and superchargers to the car community as well. 

But what about our Radio ambition? When will what happen?  Here's what; we have committed to a radio show (in Sweden, in Swedish) every second week starting tomorrow (Monday) at 19.00 on a station called Radio 88. It's called Motortimmen and it's all about cars, bikes and music. Our ambition is to have a show that deals with all technical, social och cultural sides of the car and bike community. The theme of our first show; Music about Cars.

We're tooling our way to Bonneville Speed Week 2022. Step by step. 
Picture: Test drive at El Mirage this Easter.
Our broadcast inspiration: Car Talk at NPR. 
 Stay Tuned!

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