Sunday, June 5, 2022

Bold Bees Buzzing

This is how we like it. To have the honey and have busy racing bees buzzing around our shop in the search of nectar. No, it's not about selling turbos and superchargers for those in need of speed. It's about getting in contact with and take part of other car guys dreams and schemes. It's all about giving and taking energy. 

We can of course advice when it come to turbos and supercharger, but we need energy too and besides we're story junkies. Consequently, we love when car guys & girls come by on any Sunday to tell about their latest possibilities, potentials and problems.

If they arrive is something appropriate, our attention span will expand. A lot.


This Sunny Sunday a Super Bee swarmed out side the Salt Slush Shop.

A Lock-up-your-daughters kind of vehicle. This Jawn dropping ride made things unclear. Who's represent the sweetness and who's the bee?
Here's what; when a ride such as this arrives, we drop our tools and move toward the energetic sound. 

No matter who arrives in what ride, we're there to talk and support. 
Because we're car guys twenty-four seven.


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