Sunday, July 17, 2022


A close friend from Germany once said to me;

-Remember that the main purpose of any summer vacation is to get bored. 

Since I didn't understand what he meant, I asked for clarification. 

Then he stated that engagement equals stress and mentioned as an example that any typical Svensson/Müller/Smith will go to places of no particular interest, where they neither can or want to do anything special. 

- And when all your friends are busy populating these places, where all tourists go, there's no obvious reason to set up parties either. So you can get bored at home too.

So, are we now bored?

Yes, even more so because on top of all of the above Carina and I has both got Covid some days ago. So we're isolated. Totally.

So what can we do? 

We can test and hope for the best. We can stroll around in the neighborhood and look at other who are bored while getting even more bored.

 Is that what we're intending to do? Of course not. Instead our agenda for the coming week looks like this;

1. Get rid of Omicron.Completly. Now.

2. Ship over stuff to US of A that we cannot carry as luggage. Tomorrow.

3. Book what needs to be booked to enable our participation at Bonneville Speed Week.

Ref action no.1 above. Antigen test collection. 
Summary: We're bored now, but what ever happens this boredom will come to an end soon. Bonneville Speed Week can be tough, warm, wet, fun, exiting, dangerous and expensive but ever ever boring. Of that we can be sure. 
We will miss out on the main purpose of any vacation, but for that we're prepared.

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