Sunday, July 10, 2022

It's summertime

The sun is occasionally shining. A mild wind is blowing. It's Sunday and summer vacation is approaching. Things are slowing down everywhere. Everywhere? Nope. Salt Slush are still busy searching for Speed, Salt and Sun. 

We're preparing what we can prepare from Sweden. We're shipping the stuff  we've made to make our Amazon fast and Bonneville ready.

Not only engine and transmission needs attention when you're about to go fast at Bonneville Speed Week. The chassis needs to work too. Hence these bicycle pumps needs to be replaced...
...with these magic Ohlins shocks. We've made new attachments to make these mechanical masterpieces fit. They are now on their way to Brenner Shocks in Simi Valley, CA for final tuning.
 Hopefully this fast faithful friend will stop wagging its tail.
 If you're in need of power and speed, while summer vacation is slowing things down, we're open and ready to supply BorgWarner AirWerks and EFR from our shelves in Gothenburg, Sweden. We just want you to know in case of emergency.
Other than that, it was a normal Salt Slush Sunday today. New projects (like Anders Ford -34) in start-up phase...
...are mixed with project's that are in a late shake down phase and in search for sun. Like our 1949 Rocket 88 that's got a Holley Sniper and new ignition and now runs very smooth.

Other than that? Well we're mentally preparing for our next radio show which will take place tomorrow (Monday) evening 19.00 CET. After 20.00 you´ll find the result here:

Tomorrow's topic is: Picking up a Project!

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