Friday, August 5, 2022

Blood, Sweat and Bucks. We have been tooling our way to Bonneville Speed Week.

Most people don't do it. Especially not if they are from Europe. There's resistant group of tourists who go there on their vacation to check out the race scene and look at what nature has created.

But there are these chosen few, who are willing to work hard and spend their saving to be able to drive fast on a salt surface at high altitude in blistering, burning sun.

Here's what; A mixture of Swedish (Salt Slush Racing and A-Bombers) and American Landspeed Racers (Erik, Ruth and Rick) meet up at Erik and Ruth place in California. We all worked hard in Eriks workshop to make our race cars ready for Bonneville, then we packed all equipment and loaded our racers on various trailers.

Next up was a 1000km tour though empty and beautiful landscapes in Nevada.

Below is a condensed story. 

The Salt Slush team finally managed to get the Salt Slush Amazon technically race ready, book a trailer and load the 449 Amazon on to it.
We worked though all detailed (tools, cold water, safety gear, adding protective plastic on the floor of the tow car, etc etc.). But then, one morning at 07.00 we all rose to the occasion and started the long haul.
 It's not only about wrenching. Safety gear needs to be updated too. Pictured: Carina and Magnus at Simpsons Safety equipment shop in Long Beach.
Then there those moment when there's an unplanned pause. 
Pictured: Ruth contemplating beside her race car.
The evening before the journey begins. A few beers, pizza and a soft chitchat.
Erik Hansson (Scandinavian Street rods)
Ruth (Scandinavian Streetrods)
 Håkan (Salt Slush)
Carina (Salt Slush)
Magnus (Salt Slush)
Nisse (A-Bombers Speed Division)
Trazan  (A-Bombers Speed Division)
So we set off early in the morning. Magnus, Carina and I enjoyed our big block V8  humming softly in the desert hills towards Baker and Las Vegas. Until we blow a tire. What to do without spare tire in a desert?
Here's what to do; Call Panchos! They arrived after 45min as promised with a tire workshop in a truck. 20 minutes later we shook hands with Panchos and we continued our trip to Ely, Nevada where we spent a night.
When arriving at Bonneville a lot of things needs to be done...unload the race car. Find all documents, tools and safety gear together and go to... inspection.

At some point in time the important line was signed by SCTA inspectors and we only had to fill in medical form and pay the entry fee.

We're now ready to race. The Salt is good and we're really race ready. All good?

Yes, apart from those black clouds that hover around the Salt flats. Will there be rain tomorrow?  Let's hope for dry weather. 

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