Sunday, December 25, 2022

Donald Duck, Landspeed Racing and Politics

Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, I was paralyzed. In shock. It all came back to me. My brain was overheated. Boiling. Overloaded.


Here's why; When I, way back in time, was a young kid trying to not get caught by the cops as I was speeding with my Zündapp thing were different. At least in Sweden. 

Back in those days Sweden was governed by Socialist, or rather Social Democrats and they decided what was good for their citizens. The imperialistic Duck called Donald was not part of their culture agenda.

But the western world and democracy was pounding on our door and hence The Swedish National Television allowed Disney to appear on the screen for one hour on Christmas Eve. To show that The Party had an arms length distance to culture.

Since these dark years a lot has happened and Sweden is today a western democracy. But a tradition was established and since 1960 approximately 50% of all Swedes are looking at the same show every year. At this point you might again ask yourself why. Don't do that. It just gets complicated.

I was sitting there too. Looking at the same show for the 50th time. A bit bored. But then, all of a a flash of lighting from a clear sky....

...a short carton from Pixar. About Land Speed racing!!
A nice surprise! 

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