Sunday, December 18, 2022

Crawl, Walk, Run!

We've obviously all been born. For many of us the tentative teenage period has been forgotten and the first love is long gone too.

By now we look like grown ups and most of the time we behave maturely. But deep in our heart we wanna have fun. Enjoy ourselves.

This human development path applies as well to companies. Here's what;

Back in 2014, we had thi beer soaked barbecue party when we started to talk about Speed, Amazons (I'm here talking about the car) and an old School Speed Shop based on know-how. 

  Little did we know... 

Meanwhile we knew a lot about engine boosting. Could we make use of that? A garage friend, Mario proposed to create a business based on boosting. And so we did. At this stage we were not walking. We were crawling. Technical wizards but stupid when it came down to speed shop, business and land speed racing. We were rookies learning how to walk.

The first EFR turbo finally arrived and we were amazed. We looked. We turned the turbine wheel slowly while we understood that we had a business with amazing stuff to offer. At this stage we took the first wobbling step as speed shop. Oh, I almost forgot, we installed an EFR 9180 turbo in out Amazon Landspeed racer too.

Fast forward; I have been involved in many Supercharger or Turbo investigations. Useless beauty contests. Because is all depends on the application. At this same time, I got in contact with Magnuson Superchargers and we really liked what they could offer us. We immediately installed Magnuson Supercharger in my C6 Corvette and in Anders LS3 equipped El Camino. Pictured: Customer vehicle. With portfolio of superchargers and turbochargers and a bit of business experience we were up walking as a company. 

But how to start running? Well, we had the ambition to expand our business and we began to think what other skills we had, which products and brands we liked and had experience of.

Tremec Transmission was the answer. Why? Well we had already a transmission expert onboard (Kalle) and we already installed a Tremec Magnum 6 speed in our LandSpeed Amazon Racer and a Tremec TKO in Kalles Camaro and we liked what we have learned. Therefore we now have a deal with Silver Sport Transmissions, which means that we can offer a huge assortment of Tremec Transmissions and Mcleod Clutches.

Are we now running at a high gear?
No, not yet, we still some need time still to calculate all prices and update our webshop. Need a clutch or transmission? The best way to get a new business area going is customers, so just contact us and we will give you a price! Learning by doing!

We started to crawl 2014, but determination took us to Bonneville Speed Week 3 times. 
The journey? Painful, but absolutely amazing. Mind blowing.
So, what's next?
New adventures and next gear.
Did I mention high speed?



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