Sunday, January 29, 2023

Start it up!

You smell oil and gasoline. You're hands has been dirty. You've measured bearings. You've searched for new parts and you've been thinking until you've almost blown your mind. 

Parts has arrived and you have, with cleaned hands gently put everything back together. When checking the bank account you notices that your credit card has been used. By you. 

But that's not what worries you right now. Because you're just about to see if you've have done mistakes or not. You'll soon know if you need to start all over again, if you should look for a rope or a shotgun or if you should grab that cold celebration beer.

 I'm obviously talking about the no-load first fire engine startup. The shivering moment when you're focused and feel some kind of fear.

Ford 360 FE start-up today. It all went well.
Ardun V8 Start-up. So much at stake. 
After a few adjustments; 
Sealed and Smooth.
Rocket Engines needs attention too. 
The start of this 303 with Holley EFI went well too. 
Debugging leakage in a no-load test rig is really rewarding...
...if it works.
If you find a severe problem it's rewarding too, because you saved several hours of installation work.

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