Sunday, February 5, 2023

It feels soooo good..

I've only done it twice before. We've talked about it a lot. I dream about it from time to time. But still, we rarely do it. There are reasons for not doing it. It's exhausting. It's dirty. It's expensive.
But when you've been waiting for a long time, it feels so good to get it done.
As you've understood by now, I'm talking about a paint job.

Our Olds, the 1949 Rocket 88 that we bought in Wendover 2019 as we were at Bonneville Speed Week was finally ready to get painted.
So we drove over to Universalteknik, a company that we've trusted before (they painted our 449 Amazon land speed race car) and spoke to Lars...

...and after some rearrangement, we finally parked "Olds Bertha". She's now in the preparation area. The massage and surface treatment can now begin.


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