Sunday, January 15, 2023

Stay Stoic and Enjoy the Experiance

Can a disappointment, turn in to something else after a while? I guess the answer is; Yes. When I started to look a pictures from my camera, it all came back to me. I started to reflect on expectation, rain and not the least the journey as such.
A journey without a purpose can of course be interesting and fun too...but a journey that's built on a dream, require hard practical work and makes your wallet thinner brings something else. 
Hardship, makes the beer taste better and the hunger come back if you ever lost it. After in total three post pandemic trips to the US of A to prepare us for Bonneville Speed Week 2022, it was of course one hell of a disappointment to sail out in the salt sea with our Suburban to pick up our race ready Amazon. 
But when I look back I realize that it was not failure. We did what we could and more than that to make it happen. We're about to go fast. But mother nature was of another opinion. 
After I accepted that the race was off, it all became social, a bit sad but as well poetic. How? Perhaps the random pictures below can tell. 

When we had successfully had picked up our race car from the lake that was once a race track and we were on safe, dry ground we met up with our friends to eat some Mexican food. Under a blue clear sky.
Wendover downtown is full of vehicle of various kind during Bonneville Speed Week. Those race cars, hot rods and contraptions are driven by people with passion. Love it.

While waiting for and SCTA statement we socialized with others that were waiting too. Yes, a parking lot can be a very nice place.

I had to take this picture for the record. I guess, this was when we realized that the race will be cancelled. Pictured: Carina and Magnus
 Nisse and Trazan from A-Bombers outside the historic military airport in Wendover. Two enthusiastic guys who does not get depressed over a little  setback.
 Record race cars like the Scandinavian Street Rod's EFR turbo equipped Ardun lakester were waiting too in the warm summer night. In vain.
Then there was this car show in Wendover. Come hell or high's an amazing show.

On Friday, before the heavy rain fell, life was good. And as usually, a lot of cool hot rods on the salt.


Rolling Bones vehicle at the Car Show in Wendover....


...and at the gas station at Ely. Nice to be surrounded by hot rods on tour.

I'm not a morning man, neither is Magnus, but meet at Donut Derelicts at Huntington Beach is really nice and relaxed.
Coffee and Donuts were consumed, cars of all kinds came and went and the sun was rising
Coming back to time before we left L.A area for's obvious that the hope, expectation and excitement is the fuel and energy for us all.
But it's all about people who have a goal, who work hard and relax. All at the same time. Almost.
And all the amazing people who help you along the way. Like the Ohlin Guy.
 When there's no race and you can do nothing about it, see it as an adventure and make it into an experience.
I mean when you do something, something will happen. 
Which is good. In most cases.

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