Sunday, February 26, 2023

In need of a particular place (to go to)!

Car guys who's in need for speed need a particular place to go to.  To test the vehicle prior to race day. To understand if the contraption is race ready or not. For this type of mechanical debugging asphalt or any concrete surface is preferred since it's reliable. 

The Salt Slush Race team is no exception. Since we are in Sweden and our Amazon is in California, we tend to fly over to Los Angles during Easter to work with it to get it in shape for Bonneville Speed Week in August. 

And we want to test drive it. So we normally take the vehicle to El Mirage. Which is good. If the facility is open and available for a test drive that is. If it is not open, we fly home to Sweden again, only to find ourselves unprepared for Bonneville Speed Week 2023.

So we're now looking for an reliable alternative. A place where we can test drive our race car to understand that everything is ok. We don't have to drive fast. It would be good to test the vehicle only at +120mph (190km/h) to understand how our chassis improvement (Ohlin shocks and new rear end geometry) has influenced the vehicle behaviour. The chassis would be our primary focus since we're rather confident with the powertrain (engine, turbo (EFR) and transmission (Tremec))

El Mirage. A nice test place...if it's open and not flooded.
What we would prefer. A reliable test track. With a surface the dry up after rain. Like this old desert air field...

If you know a place like this in Southern California where we can run a few test laps in our race car, please contact us:

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