Sunday, February 19, 2023

To own or not to own. That is the question!

I had once a friend that got stressed when there was one thing in his wardrobe that he didn’t use daily. When I left a rear door for an old Mercedes in his empty basement storage for some weeks he got totally stressed out. Would this guy be feng shui today? Or feel endless emptiness?

On the contrary, the vast majority of passionate car guys and girls that circulate around Salt Slush Racing workshop have the opposite problem. The have a lot of stuff and if it wasn't for space and money they would have had more stuff. Because they thrive when they're surrounded with things.

Each car, bike or part have a story to tell or it represent a dream or opportunity. Sometimes it soothes their soul to just look at a machine for a couple of minutes. It makes the heart slow down and while you find peace of mind.

But life ain't easy for car collectors, motorcycle maniacs and part hoarders. Nope. The have to battle the angry landlords, barn rats, rust and rain. 

They are however rather resilient and their passion for parts normally balance the barking people with blank look that surrounds them.

Tools, toys and lack of space in Salt Slush Shop.

When for once the weather is fine you can always take your ride and shine for a little while. If you're the owner...

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