Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Marriage.

There comes a time when two parts, for one or the other reason, needs to unify into one amazing unit. In to a problem or a power couple.
This was what happened when we merged our cool looking chop top Volvo Amazon Station Wagon body with the robust, ridged and somewhat bulky frame.

The fast looking grey beauty was lowered while the stubborn and heavy frame was pushed in to the position. Felt like Julia approached Romeo from the balcony, while Romeo was still stuck to the iron table.
We were all a bit nervous since this was the moment of true, when the result of precision measurement and strategical planning, combined with a little bit or violence, was about give result.

As the wedding bells were ringing some of the garage guys was amazed. Thinking seeing is beliving. The rest of us was just relifed and waited to come home and celebrate this first milestone with one or two cold beers.

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