Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Do I Look Speedy !!!

Today the SSR Amazon talked to us for the first time and it wasn't Mama.
The first word was SPEED !

Such a vibrant talent

Why did this happen? We have a theory. Santa was at the SSR WHQ Garage somewhat delayed compared to his normal end-of-December appearance. But who cares?

Santa had, as we told before, some gifts delivered and when we concentrated and silent mocked up the stuff, we all of the sudden heard a voice from somewhere.


From where?
Conventional parents would of course mention love and building of confidenece combined with strive and ambition....but besides that...we know for sure, that there is logical and natural explanation.

This is simply what happens when combining following:
  • 9 inch Currie super duper bullet proof rear end 3,00:1, True Trac, 35 splines rear axles etc,
  • Tremec T56 Magnum gearbox,
  • Volvo N3T 6 cyl engine with two big big big turbos.
  • A cool looking Chop Top Volvo Amazon Station Wagon
And Currie, we didn't say anything when we saw the drive shafts....we just looked at each other quietly. But in our minds there was one word building up... Bullet proof!

On top of the rear axle you see the ladder bar kit for the rear axle.

Mr Tremec 6 speed gear box capable of 1000 Nm, high rpm and speed.

One of the big turbos !! Capable of providing + 400 hp. Yeah your right! Two makes + 800 hp!

We know that we, as parents, providers of mechanical skill and ambition will have to continue to raise our baby.
It will need even more love, speed, torque and horsepowers.
But trust us. It's in good hands.

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