Sunday, September 28, 2014

Times are a changing

Not too long ago mankind prepared for the winter by securing heat and storing food.
Nowadays it's about dealing with the summer.

Taking care of the boat and the summer cars, has two important purposes.
1. To enable plenty of undisturbed quality time in the garage during dark period of the year.
2.  To prepare for the next light part of the year which means enjoying boats, cars and bikes.
Point 2 includes building our Land speed racing Amazon which will give us a reason to go to California and Utah and enjoy a longer summer…
Common for point 1 and 2 are that you enjoy them with family and friends.

We are all very well aware of that we are privileged to enjoy a work which pay our bills and give some space for extra boats, cars and bikes. On top of this we are so far (!) rather healthy and very happy with life, family and friends.

We are not complaining ( too much) over the seasons either, I means that the winter can be used for creative garage therapy while the autumn gives time for … OK, cut the crap. We admit would be able to survive in a less Nordic climate. A longer summer would be fine as well…

Today I have been running around buying necessary parts to deal with the boat oil filter and hardware to cover the boat in order to keep it dry and in good shape for upcoming spring. Besides of giving the motor a service I needed to deal with a turbo issue and some strange electrical phenomena.
I will continue with the boat next weekend, meanwhile I took the time to spoil the Camaro.

New oil and filter and best of all no traces of harmful disorder in the old oil. Puuh.

Had to repair a brooken tread for one of the thermostat house bolts, at the same time I changed thermostat since the old one gone sick.

Put in an insert tread

Kind of the same feeling as waiting at the dentist

Camaro a little bit closer. Happy and back on track.

Since we have a long winter coming I couldn't help myself and started with the model A.
It need some TLC with Cooling, Engine and front end. 

Me and my father restored it when I was 15 years old and it's at least 35 years ago
The idea is to get it in good driving condition to the spring.

Cooler out took away old leaking hoses, water pump which will be modified to a modern sealing type and fresh bearings. Will also change oil and update ignition etc…..

Took out the radiator as well and cleaned it. Now there’s at least a flow through it which wasn’t there when I started…

Meanwhile, in another part of south Sweden, Håkan & Carina are working with their usual autumn / winter car nursing. All the old cars that has enjoyed warm summer winds and road trips now has now got their service and needs to get back in to various garages and barns to get shelter from the storm.

 The W136 170 SV…

 ...the W124 400E…

...and the W116 350SE.. well as 454 Bad Ass Burb and the W123 300D Lang all needs to sleep for a while while the Land Speed Racer (and the C20 and the Chevy -36 and the Corvette gets som more attention....) 
The wind is howling in the darkness outside...but when I close my eyes I see light and hear a familiar humming sound. Could it be a weld torch?

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