Sunday, October 5, 2014

Caged in on Sunny Sunday

The late summer golden sun was shining over Gothenburg today. The door to the SSR workshop was wide open and a lot of good ol' friends came to visit our shop to chat and drink some coffee.   

Among them Ivan Hedin, who´s a retired Engine Engineering authority as well as a hobby pilot (and flight instructor) with over 2400 hours in the air!
But did we get something done? Aber natürlich!
One highlight was when Lars-Martin arrived with our roll cage kit.  But more about that further down…
All brackets were now 100% welded to the rear end and hence the assembly could take place. But as we were all were told by our mothers…cleaning is important!
Karl-Johan cleaned the rearend on the outside...
Isn’t beautiful?  
But how to clean it inside?  After a thoughtful moment...
..a solution was found.
There are many ways to skin a cat, but how many ways are there to assemble a Currie rear end? Discussions ongoing.
Then some action.
To assemble the rear end was a good exercise, most likely comparable to a Gym. I’ve  heard that these places can be exhausting as well... 
 But how to assemble the driveshafts? Lars-Martin knows...
All joy should be shared in a democratic manor. Therefore Anders pressed on one bearing and one stopper...
...and I did the other one.
And finally, the stuff is in place again.
But how about The Cage?
Well, Magnus who's The Cage Man (yes, it's correctly spelled) didn’t either know to start with..

 Therefore some thinking and calculation was initiated...

...but testing and dreaming is also important!
In order to evaluate a taller person we asked Mario to take a seat. He woke up afterwards. 
No, it was not a bullit. It was just a welding burr...but it was aiming for the heart.

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