Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hot Rod Amazon!

We'll soon update you all about our latest and greatest achievements.
Here's some info upfront:  The frame and roll cage is being welded at the moment. Tomorrow or on Tuesday we´ll try to understand where to put the driver’s seat. In general we know where it should be positioned, but we’re trying to fix the absolute point in order to get the steering wheel as well as the pedals and eventually the firewall in the right (suitable) position.

Nevertheless, forget about our technical issues, lean back and enjoy these videos, which perhaps can make you understand why Volvo Amazon is an excellent European Hot Rod basis.
An objective video
A test comparision.

But why?  How come the Volvo Amazon became such a Rally /Hot Rod car?
Well, already the 1962 commercial gives us a hint.
    The commercial

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