Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gods take part in our transformation process

God of Speed is not aligned with the God of Rain and Thunder. I know for sure because the later always makes it rain on our parade. God of Speed has however been merciful to most of us most of the time, so far...

What I mean?
In order to make the magic things happen a little bit work a lot of time and some hardware are normally needed.  Today, Magnus and I decided to arrange some hardware in order to let the magic in. The magic process of transforming paper and Kindergarten stuff to real steel, to a raw machine, to something speedy and beautiful.

The overall excellent Göteborgs Handelstål, a steel supplier in Gothenburg, was the target for our lunch tour this sunny dry spring day in Gothenburg.
Since a relaxing lunch at work is a bit overrated we decided to borrow Carinas C20 pick and hit the dry sunny road for an hectic hour of sheet metal transport.

But of course, as soon as we've loaded the sheet metal on the truck bed the rain started to pour down on our bare sheet metal. And as usually we were wet as dogs when we were heading back to work, in the sun...
Rain on our parade, Carina truck and the sheet metal
Long beds are sometimes wounderful.
 An aluminum example: Small wheel house is equal to less drag and more speed and hence Magnus and Anders are in the process of creating two of these.
Before: An early man 3D wheel house model ditrectly from Kindergarten
 After: The first installed all-aluminum TIG welded wheel house

 To be replaced with sheet metal within soon.


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