Saturday, April 4, 2015

We are meeting the people at Custom Motor Show 2015

We do have a good time spreading the word about our speed shop and our land speed project.

Already now we can tell you maybe not a secret,  BWTS EFR Turbos and Airwerks are truly the hot stuff.

When writing this we still have two more days at Custom Motor Show 2015 Sunday an Monday so take the opportunity and pass by and get some inspiration and turbo talk.

A fenders says more than 1000 words !

Our race project did catch some heavy interest not because it's perfectly made more that it represent the many's dream.

The crowd was starving for Turbo talk and they for sure got it !
The interesting thing is that there is a strong growing hunger for turbos by the younger generation who is in to drifting, time attack and fun in the street. Of course racing in different forms is there as always.  
But the big strong message is that there is a young strong interest in turbocharging.

We met and talked with a lot of people, many had heard about the EFR and Airwerks turbo and was well in to the details and ifs and buts about turbo charging.

Our center of gravity, spreading the tech details and opportunities !  

A lot of legends passed by our stand, besides of Stig's cousin from Huskvarna (who makes his living as a dairy farmer) we talked to a number of Hot Rod legends, Drag Racing legends, racing legends etc. All very encouraging to our dreams and projects. 

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