Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scissors Paper Rock 'n' Roll

New grand things being laid out. Is it the plans for a new traffic intersection in Gothenburg? No no no it’s not that bad. On the contrary this is supposed to aid a flow not stop it completely. It’s the Hillbilly SketchUp beginnings of an air box. This will increase our chances of lightning fast top speed, it will provide a great flow of filtered air and bring Unicorns to tears. Well maybe no Unicorns will cry, I have heard they are much tougher than it seems. But according to my calculations, and I know math, this will increase the magic of our land speed race with 3-5%. Yes almost as much as was added by the gold flake steering wheel and every bit of help is needed blasting thru the desert.

OK it’s only the humble beginnings drawn on a stolen piece of Masonite board. But a needed exercise to see if it will fit the front of the car. To be honest I don’t know that much about air ducting nor filtering. I don’t even have a filter or anything on my hot rod and that seems to work just fine. But having compressor wheels spinning at 200 000 rpm being blasted with salt can’t be a good thing. With some luck and a few educated guesses this will work fine. If really lucky the air will enter at a aerodynamic high pressure point in the front and cause some ram effect. Time will tell. Flow and filter area will be sufficient at least.

Is this thing theoretical beyond practical use? Yes probably. Would it work with just a reasonably sized hole and a straight pipe? Most likely. But there is the factor of trying ideas, think, design, execute. Also there is an element of elegance in this solution.

After this mockup is done I'm looking forward to the 3 dimensional game of Tetris we have in front of us. It is, for the time being, not that cramped in the engine compartment, but many of the parts needs to be in the same general area.

I'm very happy with the new Hillbilly SketchUp application.

 I like curves

 Mockup air filters... High flow.

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