Friday, May 22, 2015

Car guy's vs. Normal people -how many vehicles does one person need?

Not so long ago, as it happened, I read through an issue of Hot Rod magazine and I assure you my reading was purely by coincidence. Nevertheless as I was turning pages I found an equation. One of the most important mathematical expressions...

and it goes like this:  p= n+1

where p happens to be the perfect number of cars to own and enjoy

and n is your current number of cars.

I guess you figured it out. This equation reflects the mind of a car guy (no matter of sex).

Those who are heavily addicted to vehicles are normally attracted to very difficult vehicles types. Here's an example of a car guy brain pick (identity remains secret)

A German sports car? Yeah, that would be nice! A Porsche is fast. And fast is good.

An International Scout? Well, these are really cool! And practical!

A Mercedes? Stiff, prestigious but good and surrounded with a certain flair. Wedding's are nice...

Miura? Where did they hide the V12? How does the oil system work? If I only had the money...

Mustang 5.0? These really makes sense! A perfect compromise!

Cadillac: Long long...I definitely need one of those for any kind of use.

But how about a Toyota Prius? What's a car guy (this is a test) reaction to this confrontation?  Answer: Indifferent. No reaction. Bring a mirror! Is he still breathing? Call the Ambulance!

I've learned that normal people doesn't have these thought.

They don't think constantly about cars and bikes.

They're happy with one grey 4 door.

They think; Transportation.

They don't burn tires.

They're relieved  

We're not.


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