Thursday, May 28, 2015

We are not on the front page or on the centerfold !

But we've been noticed...

There is something with our dream and our way of saying;
-You ain't seen nothing yet!

On page 40 in No. 5 of Gasoline Magazine and on page 30 in No. 6 of Nostalgia you'll find a small picture of our SSR Amazon Land Speed Racer. In Nostalgia, even with a short text presenting the SSR Team and Amazon.

We're proud to make it this far, in to these extremely good Magazines, run by true petrol heads and life connoisseurs

Not on the front page, but somewhere inside.

Gasoline: no words but as said, a picture…

 Nostalgia: The Amazon and the SSR Team dressed up beyond the highest standards.

Some words, mainly our names and our intention to boost and speed...

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