Sunday, July 5, 2015

No particular place to go

Swedes, rightfully, always complain about the weather. It's too cold, too rainy and so on. Then, all of a sudden, The Heat Wave strikes. The Swedish press send out message and warnings, communicating that it will be 30 degrees C for a couple of days. The working moral, which is normally reasonably high, goes down, and as a consequence we start to socialize and wind down. Even though it's painful, we eventually accept the summer and start to float into sloppiness.  Which means that we're not really making progress with the race car right now. Instead we're in some kind of driving-around-to-various-places-with-entusiast-cars mode currently, waiting for/praying for rain.
Driving around part one. One of my old Benz a 350SE (bore*stroke=92*65mm V8 with manual gearbox). From a time when revving was not a problem in any car segment.
Karl-Johan and Anders trying to break the speed limits in a 1928 model A. While I enjoyed the comfy back seat and the nice feeling of mortal danger at low speed.
All good things are 3.Opposites attract. Rev limit and combustion speed differ.
But how about the ol' Swedish metal saw? Yes we got it off Carina's pick-up truck ( hint: we needed another machine to get it inside)
Afterwards, we were somewhat proud. 

Can we use the machine still? Nope! Why not? When we know we might tell you why...perhaps...maybe...eventually. If it's not too embarrassing that is...

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