Thursday, July 9, 2015

El Mirage and hot rod dreams

Alrighty then... Back home after a couple of weeks in the US of A. I had the pleasure of going there for some work and as always I took the time to visit some friends. First I went to a summer kick off party. There I met some old friends and made some new. A lot of hot rods showed up for example this newly finished Ford model A Victoria. I instantly knew I need to have one. It inspired me to think up a 60's styled hot rod with lots of chrome. But seriously, were do you find a decent Vicky?

Note the header is from a 32 Ford. Much nicer than the stock model A header.

We went on a trip up to higher altitudes and on the way back we wanted to take a little detour from the big interstate. That's when the strangest thing happened. In the corner of my eye I saw something familiar. And didn't I see the well know sign with the orange text "FOR SALE"? Yes absolutely, there it sat. A pretty nice Ford model A Victoria prject ready for the full hot rod treatment. Fairly complete almost stock except for the wheels and a model B engine. Sheet metal was straight and only a small amount of rot. Sad part was that it was priced a bit high. Actually way high and one could buy a restored for the money that the owner asked for this. Still a strange coincidence that tells me I need one. Right?

Fast forward a couple of days and we made a stop at a significant location. Both historical and in the future I hope. El Mirage dry lake. We did not really have time to go out on the lake bed but it looked really inviting and I'm looking forward to run flat out there in the future.

Well that's all for now. Back to the garage with the current projects, fueled with inspiration and new ideas. As of now I'm keeping my eyes open for a Victoria.

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