Wednesday, July 15, 2015

V8 Hotel !

A V8 hotel?  No, I will not dwell upon the barns and garages where I keep all my private rides equipped with this engine configuration.

Instead I'll show you some pictures and impressions from a weird, but wonderful place in Stuttgart, Germany.

As you know, the car enthusiast community is a very mixed bunch of people. From rags to riches, from rebels to connoisseur, from sport car fans to luxury car collectors. From car restorers to creative hot rodders and car builders of various kind.

V8 hotel in Stuttgart is on the posh side, but still ok since it's open to anything on wheels with a speed spirit. To check in at this 4 star hotel is something special. On the surface everything is's a standard 4-star hotel, but still there's something extra.
One of the two entrances. A C1 Corvette is a nice intro.
The second entrance is a bit pompous. But still a Bauhaus kind-of-way.
Connected to the hotel there's a car sale. A special car sale. And yes, you can buy a beer a couple of meters from here. Heaven? Well here's a...
...Delage Sport from 1933...and no, there's no Pebble Beach fee needed to adore the details. Yes, the hood has the appropriate length. 
 I admit, I forced my wife to take a picture with me and this inspiring pair of wheels.
 There are other cars for sale as well. A one owner Porsche?
So you're in another car guy corner? Perhaps a Model A pick-up?
Some guy's even store their drives in glass cubes...
The formed air craft hangar represent a nice mix of cars and a cool open, accessible  atmosphere.
Some cars like this Mercedes 290 Roadster were sold. 
 Yes, I admit. I like the Windshield design. 
 Model T racer. Raw, real steel.
And a Datsun! For those with a taste for the East to a reasonable price.
Lambda control? Ignition adjustment? Could once be performed while taking a sharp bend in style. No laptop struggle, no matrix to populate. An RR example.

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