Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cardboard and Paper transformed to Aluminum. Step-by Step.

Salt Slush Racing is in to manufacturing. We're basically making everything our self according a now well established packaging and design process.
1. Discuss until there is no more coffee or somebody change subject or until everybody gets quiet (has never happened).
2. Move stuff around randomly in an area where there's a chance to locate the part.
3. Make the part in Paper, Cardboard or Styrofoam.
4. Go through point 1 to 3 again.
5. Leave the iterative loop and move closer to fabrication equipment.
At this point we often realize that we haven't done this type of job before. Therefore we contemplate for a couple of seconds and then we move on to the next step which is:
6. Making the part!

This process is exactly the process that Magnus and Anders has followed when they formed this inlet tank to one of our Intercoolers. It was once a flat piece of aluminum. Is it ready for Pebble Beach? Not yet, first we need an epic victory at Bonneville. But that's just a detail...
The engine compartment packaging is coming together. The air filters (separated) can be seen in the right front corner (passenger side), the turbo installation, including bracket is now in place. Inlet manifold and throttle position is ok. Next step, which is happening right now, is to give the Intercooler inlet tanks a round shape and make two pipes to the compressor outlet's and to create a Y-connection from the Intercooler outlet tanks to the Throttle body.
Then we need to position the engine cooler...and the hoses...yank out the old 960 engine, put in the race engine...and then...and then...

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