Sunday, August 23, 2015

Open Speed Shop, Volvo VROOM and warm weather!

Swedes are prone to talk and continuously complain about the weather. There are reasons for that. I won't tell you more since it could effect our tourist industry. But even I have to admit that we for more than a week ( yes we're counting the days) have had Californian weather and hence we're all relaxed and summer cool. 
As a consequence we have a lot of visitors in our work shop which we like, especially if they arrive in a inspiring pair of wheels....
Today, we visited Volvo VROOM, a big Volvo meet and Volvo Swap market and we found some decoration stuff for our race car that, keep the looks together...the red rear lights from early Amazon's. 
Imagine a tailgate and diffuser in addition. Wouldn't it be nice?
The Swedish version of tailfins. As extreme as it gets....
What's this? Well, even though the shining sun is relaxing, some of us (i.e. Anders) still work hard. Here's a newly made Y-connection, which will connect the two intercoolers to the throttle.
 Same part, but now from the air molecules view point of view. A crossroad.
Billet made intercooling connection waiting for a TIG weld to show up.
But how a bout the Volvo meet? Any cool pics? Well I liked this Volvo 1947.
Where are we now? At the French Riviera? In Monterey, CA? Nope. In Gothenburg harbour.
But what is this? Well, we need a really practical car for a while so we went to one of our Barns to  pick up our old 454 Suburban. A vehicle that runs smoothly and is big enough host sofa or 22 wheels. If it's thirsty? Next question. 

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