Saturday, August 15, 2015

Could have been a sinking ship

I have been welding and welding on what is to be our water tank fort, the "extra" water to water cooler set up in series with the air to water cooler.

As written about earlier I'm a beginner in TIG aluminum welding.

So voila what do you get ? Leakage ? Yes probably, and for sure  some ugly welds….!

That the welds are ugly we know, but how about leakage ? Let´s test !

Hesitating. I''m here about to meet my humility

Water is flowing in to the tank !

Ok Ok we I know it was to happen

The final verdict: Back to the welding machine, even if Magnus started to talk about tank sealer…..

I'm not so troubled since I'm learning and it could have been much worse, we didn't see any rats leave the garage.

Besides of beginners welding skill, one mistake was that the welds were set up edge to edge. Should have been done with overlap, then it would have been easier, according to expertise. For sure next tank will be better. But first we need to finalize this one.

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