Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Praise the Conrods. Or how heat becomes torque and and get things going.

We received our conrods. Our debated conrod. Our special made conrods. Our forged H-Beam conrods.

They are beautiful , precious and dear to us. Why? Do you have to ask? Ok.

I know, I know...they don't carry the same iconic, magical touch as pistons. If they're engraved on serious looking men's upper arm, used as motor club symbols, crossed of each others like medieval swords, then it's because they carry pistons on the top. That's all, like the good servant.

But I tell you, the conrod makes shit happens. They withstand the weight of the piston and they are under serious pressure and stress. They halt two times per revelation while they are faster the most of the engine parts and they keep all these moving parts together nicely without too much whining.

If they get tired of their busy life in the crankcase and break loose to see what outside the engine block, then it's game over for us guy's who're looking for speed and power.

Therefore, we welcome the duty of these H beam conrods and we'll do what we can to make them feel good in our Volvo cylinder block. 
Here they are, forged and strong, 143mm long from center to center and a nice 23mm piston pin diameter bearing. Would it be appropriate to bless them? Or should we act more scientific?

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