Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spreading the universal word of speed and brute power

We are trying to spread the Salt Slush Racing word to the World or at least Scandinavia.
The Gospel of Turbo Charging is our message carried by the state of the art BWTS EFR and Air Werks turbo chargers.

As all religions the language is universal and finds it way in to peoples heart and power plants.

As a way to spread and speed up our message we have a series of advertisement in Bilsport, from  number 21. Bilsport is the magazine to read for all charged go fast people in Scandinavia.

Below you see our state of the art extremely to the point and according to the all collected commercial wisdom advertisement…. hmmmmm…. ok ok according to our budget….

So listen to your heart and go fast God or i meant your passion for speed and brute fast delivered power talking to you .

If you are are up for a turbo take a look at our offers think it through and make your choice.

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