Friday, September 25, 2015

Breaking the Vicious Cycle and getting back on track! Eventually...

There is no such thing as a free lunch. We all know that. But deep in our souls we wish there was. This hope can lead to trouble. Let me give you an example...

10 years ago as I took over The Barn, a place where barn finds grow slowly, obstacles appeared. There was already a tenant in there. Another car guy.Which was ok, since we couldn't fill all the space at once.

He had two beautiful old Volvo 444's from late 40ties and a Ford Sierra from 1990. He paid his bills and we're all happy. Then all of a sudden he took away his 444's and just kept the Ford standing  there.

And believe it or not, the barn was slowly filled up with good stuff, which is why we started to cast an eye on the space where the Ford was sadly standing.

One evening the phone rang. Would I like to have the old Sierra? Even have it for free? Deep in my heart I felt that this was a bad idea, but I could still hear myself say YES.

Years passed by and the Ford was just standing there waiting. After a while the barn was full of nice stuff and... you're right, one day I realized that the Ford had to go. So we went there, equipped with tools, start gas, a fresh battery, new gasoline, hoses and the usual stuff needed to get something stranded going.

Out of the barn. Long crank time, but we're good!
20km later. After a BIG bang, there were no brakes. Why?
This is why! Half the brake disc broke loose. No good!
Back at home. Without the Ford, but with a souvenir. Horse shoe for good luck? I don't think so...
...because when we were in full rescue mode, the old faithful Chevy 454 Suburban breaks down as well.  
It was the water (coolant) pump that gave up without a warning.
A new counter clockwise big block coolant pump were found.
Friday evening dinner had to wait....
...since Carina and I had a mission.
Meanwhile, a friend of mine had started to prepare for us picking up the Ford Sierra, which was stranded in his garden. He had REALLY prepared everything.
But his effort was all in vain since I got a left wheel hub from the junk yard. Now I had two left hubs. I little bit like having two left shoes. Hard to walk. No good. 
A Fika (A Swedish procrastination) was needed. Before...
...the heat was on.
Gear to climb Mount Everest? No, barn find emergency equipment.
 Burb in the Barn. Sierra home at Bay. Two disc brakes, one wheel bearing, one puncture and one week later it runs like dream...while waiting for the next owner to show up.

In a temporary peaceful (car guy) moment I started to like the Ford. It's after all surprisingly quiet, it's rear wheel driven car, it has both nice front and rear end suspension, a manual 5 speed transmission and a Twin Cam 2,0L engine and it's actually fun to drive. Maybe a 6258EFR Turbo and transfer it in to a sleeper?  

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