Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Cold one is better than a hot one

In search for Engine cooling we move on to the next step. Magnus is evaluating available space for the cooler

About this big ! or ? ! Ragnar is critically evaluating the level of precision and the principals for Thermal management in our engine bay.

Let's try to mock it up ! The box is the same size as a Volvo V70 cooler which is a kind of a safe haven for us in the SSR Garage and easily bought by Biltema…... 

Lets adjust and apply some magic force. Magnus is a man with many skills, always full of surprises and new approaches.

Our new guest in the garage is shouting HOO HOA Hold your Horses !!!! This will not work you need a custom made cooler.  The Biltema cooler will instead be used in the Water tank more about that later on.

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