Friday, October 30, 2015

Verdi and Clevite!

This has nothing to do with dramatic and romantic operas and should not be mix up with criminal couples from the past. Instead this post is a about determination. To marry an odd couple together with the purpose to go fast, aim high and push the limits.

The old Verdi
Our Verdi, a Swedish ingredient.
The US contribution: A Celvite bearing before treatment
The Celvite bearing after treatment, ready to act as the second important party

What we're taking about? As careful as hedgehogs makes love, we did grind off the dent in the Celvite bearing. The dent that stopped us from using these bearings and run with a slightly larger conrod bearing gap than original. This will help us to get a lot of oil through the bearings and keep things cool. 

The result. All six in place. Ready to perform under high pressure and speed during dramatic circumstances.

Yes, we were properly dressed for the task.

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