Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thrilling Milling!

There's something special with machining engine parts. If you make an error it's definitive, Game Over and speed dreams turns into a nightmare. That's why there's certain excitement in the air when the cutter hits the metal. Or at least before it touches...    

But eventually its time to stop calculating and measure stuff and instead get going. One millimeter had to go, the block height should be 219mm instead of 220mm in order to give us a decent compression ratio. 
It's time. 
A short ritual. 
A last argument.
Yes, we have the equipment. And yes everybody was on site. Mario and Gitte came up from Germany...
The audience were happy and excited.
Drum roll....Action!
Magnus admire the smooth operation of the SAJO 54 as we cut the final 0,5mm
Relief. Everyone is happy. Kalle is really happy and proud over his latest aluminum welding. 

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