Friday, December 25, 2015

In to the blue, thinking about the Moon

Since it's Christmas Day, Carina and I took a break from Land Speed project. 
While Magnus, Anders and Kalle worked like there was no tomorrow, like ants, like...I had to bail out to fulfil a promise. I told Cina I could give her another one. But no, that didn't help. At all.
To enable a more classy steering wheel in her heavenly blue C20 pick-up truck even more cool stuff from the Moon was added today. Painless? Well, let me explain...

How it all began. A happy wife at Mooneqipment in L.A. Yes, she likes only this steering wheel. Which is ok. I'm happy too! The sun is shining. No clouds on the blue sky California sky.
Fast forward: 3 months later in dark and gloomy Gothenburg, I was standing there, (following Moonequipment cool instruction which says: -If you don't have the original steering wheel puller, be creative...) using a too high percentage of workshop tools. The Salt Slush team were all mocking me... 
...but how about this? A well deserved Victory. Carina was right, in dark winter nights it's best to rely on the Moon for a nice moment. And there's a Full Moon tonight...

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