Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas and Creative New Year !

From all of us to all of you...
... a boosted high power Christmas!
Coming up soon:
  • Anders has made a poor mans paint booth. Will we be able to paint our frame / roll cage this Christmas/New Year?
  • Carina is planing to take care of the her small, blue C20 pick up truck. Will she have time to fulfil her dreams?
  • I'm planing to work with the Amazon cooling system and as well produce some tables for my wife's kitchen shop. Will this be possible?
  • Håkan is running around like a crazy while taking care of the Salt Slush turbo business and at the same time he's preparing for the arrival of his and Carina's Ford 1946 Club Coupe. How will this end up? A sunk ship that never arrives? A stressful moment? Or a glorious relief? Nobody knows.
  • Magnus is preparing a pulse split turbo manifold for his private daily drive, while he's creating a glorious gasser. Serious turbo and hot rod projects while working hard at Volvo Car Corporation. Will he really manage?
  • At the same time, Magnus is waiting for his Chevy pick-up to arrive from US. A good looking pair of wheels...which, as well, will need some serious TLC.
But right now now, everything and everybody is ready for Christmas Eve and Salt Slush Racing Team is no exception. Therefore we're waiting for 2016 and it's cheerful, painful challenges.
Again, from All of Us to All of You! 

 A Merry, Speedy Christmas, full of Boost!

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