Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No respons from Santa yet. Hoho. -What happening?

We're stubborn enough to move on anyway and since Santa doesn't to hear our calls....Magnus started to work with cost reduction activity himself. 
But NO Magnus, SSR team will not approve this solid looking front end design no matter how charming it is.
Which is why Magnus bitterly started to weld a little bit here and there, in order to soothe his soul.
And how about this? Look at the left weld seem. Amazing. A lucky shot or a grace of god? Nobody will ever know, but the rest of the team was not comfortable. There was envy in the air. Me? I don´t care. At all. Just as you know. 
To seal the deal. Salt is dusty. Salt is sticky. That's why we'll keep ourselves clean by keeping the vehicle sealed. 
Sealed of. No salt. No pain. we're good.
 Coming up: The new 2016 Salt Slush Racing T-shirt has arrived. How it looks? Within soon you'll know. Meanwhile, think about Mars.

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